2017 Training Schedule

January Pedestrian and Customer Safety
Focus: Being alert for pedestrians and customers in the yard
February Incident and Near Miss Reporting
Focus: Understanding Why Incident and Near Miss Reporting is so Critical
March Lockout/Tagout/Tryout
Focus: Awareness, Individual Lockout, Group Lockout, and Tryout
April Hazard Communication
Focus: Chemical Hazards, SDSs, and Warning Labels
May Heat Stress
Focus: Working Safely in High Temperatures and High Heat Areas
June PPE and Hearing Conservation
Focus: Personal Protective Equipment and Hearing Conservation
July Mobile Equipment and Safe Operation
Focus: Operating mobile equipment safely
August Housekeeping
Focus: Proper Housekeeping and Injury Prevention
September Hand Awareness and Machine Guarding
Focus: Hand Safety and Machine Guarding
October Fire Prevention
Focus: Use and Types of Extinguishers, Fire Prevention, and Emergency Action Plans
November Fall Protection
Focus: Fall Hazards and Fall Protection Equipment
December Ergonomics
Focus: Prevention of Ergonomic Injuries
Optional Releases
*Available by Request
Heat Stress
Respiratory Protection
Confined Space

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